Lectures 2012

Disaster Risk Reduction (2012)

Emergency Response has undergone a paradigm shift and the present trend is to prepare for future disaster in order to reduce their impact on the most vulnerable groups.

Disaster Recovery Plan (2012)

Disaster Recovery Plan  must be developped in order to help the victims and Most Vulnerable Groups to get back to normal life after a disaster.

Risk Management (2012)

Risk management is a means to promote quality management and also to anticipate future unKnown certainities.

South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis (2012)

The independance proclaimed in july 2011 has given a short term joy. In grip with the socio-polical realities, the new government is confronted with a humanitarian crisis….

The Syrian Humanitarian Crisis (2012)

The crisis in Syria is worsening day by day leading to a major and complex  humanitarian crisis . This will be a major challenge in a highly volatile and vulnerable context….

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